Nutritional consultation in 60 minutes

Nutritional advice in 60 minutes

We recommend for you our nutritional counselling if:

  • you want a lasting lifestyle change that is enjoyable and free from fashion diets,
  • you want to speed up recovery after surgery,
  • lose or gain weight,
  • you have a food allergy or intolerance for which you need guidance,
  • you have insulin resistance, diabetes, PCOS, thyroid disease,
  • you have high blood pressure or cholesterol you want to manage dietarily.

Before the consultation, we ask you to complete a three-day food diary, which will give us a picture of your habits in advance. We will also review your lab results and specialist medical records, if you have any.

At the first consultation, we will discuss your complaints and your goals, and then learn about your dietary and lifestyle habits and any life circumstances that may affect them.

Then we will develop a nutrition plan together that is 100% made for you and what is needed to achieve your goals. Of course, we also answer all your questions at the end of the consultation.

We will give you a massive amount of knowledge, so we will send you a detailed summary with practical examples within 3 working days after the consultation.

If necessary or if it is easier for you, we will also design a one-week or multi-week diet for you with exact quantities and preparation methods.

Nutritional advice in 60 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat or drink before an InBody measurement?

Please don’t eat large meals 2 hours before the  measurement and drink no more than a half liter of water. Avoid showering as this may affect the results of the measurement.

I don't have a recent lab result, can I come for a consultation without one?

Yes, but it is recommended that you have one done beforehand.

What should I take with me?

You need to bring your completed 3-day food diary, your specialist's reports and your lab results with you if you have not sent them in advance.

Our dietitian colleagues

The price of the treatment

Nutritional advice in 60 minutes: 30.000 HUF