Locomotor rehabilitation and sports performance improvement with Neurac method

The Redcord and the adherent Neurac method is a combination of physiotherapy and suspension therapy. It is suitable to treat acute and chronic pains and dysfunctions.

Strength, balance, coordination and muscle endurance can be developed with its use.

Redcord is the world’s leading tool in locomotor rehabilitation, improving physical functions, well-being and athletic performance.

Redcord provides a solution for treating musculoskeletal pain and neuromuscular dysfunctions with its own method, the Neurac.

About the Neurac method

Redcord is a special method that means neuromuscular reactivation.

This treatment method was developed in Norway specifically by combining physiotherapy exercises and suspension therapy.

This treatment method is suitable for treating acute and chronic pain and musculoskeletal abnormalities, dysfunctions.

It aims to restore pain free, functional movement patterns using high level neuromuscular stimulation.

The method is based on mapping nerve-muscle connection differences and then rebuilding weak points.
The exercises optimise movement control, decrease or eliminate long standing chronic pain, restore normal range of motion.

The four main components of the Neurac method are:

  1. Bodyweight load exercises (closed kinetic chain)
  2. Applying focused perturbation (manually and/or by Redcord Stimula)
  3. Precise progression
  4. Pain free movements

The Neurac method also includes tests that assess neuromuscular functions and the myofascial chain, requiring the cooperation of ‘local’ and ‘global’ muscles.

The Neurac method is built on numerous scientific researches that are progressing with impressive results around the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Redcord dangerous?

Using the Redcord is not dangerous at all.

What the Neurac method can be used for?

It targets restoring control and movement patterns with high levels of neuromuscular stimulation, so the pain is reduced or eliminated and joint range of motion is normalised.

To whom is Redcord recommended for?

For all ages, from children to elderly people, anyone can use it. Especially recommended for athletes to improve strength and coordination: it has been pointed out that suspension exercises performed with Redcord equipment increase sports performance much more and make more muscle groups work at the same time than traditional strength exercises.

It is recommended in rehabilitation after injuries, accidents or operations, in case of  orthopedic problems (complaints caused by low back pain, cartilage wear), or even if we just need some movement after a long working day.

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