Treatment is recommended for:

  • acute and chronic muscle and joint injuries
  • reduced range of motion,
  • tight muscles


  • circulatory disorder
  • tumorous diseases
  • inflammation, fever
  • acute accident state
  • haematoma
  • contagious diseases


FDM, or fascial distortion model is a new approach physiotherapeutic model that classifies the causes of injuries into 6 different connective tissue dysfunctions. By treating these discrepancies we can achieve a rapid improvement in pain management.

Your physiotherapist decides on the necessity of FDM during the initial assessment, so please choose ’physiotherapy with assessment’ upon reservation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can FDM have side effects?

Its immediate side effect can be light dizziness, later we may experience swelling or discoloration which disappears in a few days.

Is FDM treatment painful?

Yes, almost without an exception, but we can eliminate the permanent complaint by causing temporary pain.

Our FDM therapeutic colleagues

The price of the treatment

FDM: 15.500 HUF

6 suitable pass price/occasion: 13.950HUF