Fascia therapy

What is the mysterious fascia?

Fascia is the most common type of tissue in the human body. All collagenous and elastic fibrous connective tissues, especially joints and organ tissues, ligaments, muscle fasciae, tendons, membranes, retinal fibres.
The fascia system is a complex system, weaving like a spider web throughout the body and participating in its mobility. It connects the muscles to each other and to the bones.

There are 12 fascia lines in the human body, which are important for diagnosis and treatment.

During fascia therapy, the therapist will question the patient in detail about their pain and ask them to try to show exactly where the pain is located, how long they feel it and where the pain ends. From this information, the therapist is able to diagnose which fascia line is affected and then treat the fascia line using the technique they have learned.

Fascia therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions does it take to feel an improvement?

There is usually a significant improvement after 2-3 sessions, but sometimes the pain is gone after the first session.

Is fascia therapy painful?

Depending on the individual, therapy can be painful.

How long does the treatment last?

Generally, a treatment lasts 50 minutes.

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The price of the treatment

    Fascia therapy: 14 000 HUF

    6 suitable pass price/occasion: 12 600 HUF

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