Tamás Baritz

Massage therapist

#Movefreely – this is my motto.

Movement is a part of our lives, without it we could only live as a photosynthetic plant somewhere in the big world. Movement and sports have beneficial effects throughout the body both mentally and in the organ system involved in the exercise.
Besides this, one of the most important things is that under healthy conditions all our body parts move in a way they need to move due to the order of nature.

I am also constantly doing sports or exercises, but I have also had times in my life when movement has been pushed into the background. Unfortunately my body suffered from it. Improperly functioning body parts, painful movements… Unfortunately it’s all familiar to me too. As a therapeutic masseur and a regular athlete, it is important for me to pay attention to our body’s signals and do so in order to deal with the problems that arise not only in the short term but in the long term as well. For this, good quality collaboration is essential between the patient and the therapist.

My patients typically ask for my help with joint and soft tissue pains which can occur at any part of the body (neck, lower back, knee etc.) In addition they get in touch with me on many occasions due to some narrowing of movement or pain during movement. My goal is to provide all my patients with the best and most appropriate treatment possible, eliminate the cause of their pain, increase their range of motion, and provide them with preventive solutions that can improve their quality of life in the long term and does not cause further complaints in their lives. In complex cases, we remedy the complaints together with my colleagues. I wish everyone health and free movement.

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  • University of Physical Education – PE coach
  • NMA Therapeutic and sport masseur

Postgraduate Courses:

  • Kinesio-tape basic (Balance Medical Fitness Academy)
  • Fascia distortion model I. II. (Oriolus-Med)
  • Cupping course (Oriolus-Med)


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