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“Movement should be approached like life - with enthusiasm, joy and gratitude - for movement is life, and life is movement, and we get out of it what we put into it.”

Ron Fletcher

It has been proven that a good relationship between therapist and patient improves the outcome of the treatment, so I try to create a friendly environment during my treatments.
As locomotive diseases are often driven by lifestyle and mental problems, I consider openness to be important. Of course everything that is said during the treatment is subject to confidentiality.

The treatment of my patients does not end after leaving the consulting room, I give tasks that you can continue at home – if possible – as discussed during the treatment. In my opinion physiotherapy is not only suitable for solving the already existing problem, but it also has a preventive value, we can prevent some musculoskeletal problems with it.

I look forward to welcoming everyone who considers it important to maintain their health, the ones who wish to move and do sports, and everyone who would like to live without pain. To this purpose I am constantly improving myself to be able to provide the most effective treatment.

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Specialised qualifications:

Semmelweis University Faculty of Health Sciences: Physiotherapist

The main techniques I use:

Respiratory Physiotherapy (Lung Institute Törökbálint)
Kinematic taping 2017 All-right
3D scoliosis therapy 2019 SpineArt
FDM 2019 Balance Academy
Sportflossing 2019 Balance Academy
Neurac 1 redcord 2019
Visceral Manipulation Abdomen 1 2020 The Barral Institute
Beyond Kegels 2020
Cupping therapy 2020 Oriolus Med Academy