Kata Hegyi

Kata Hegyi


“Physiotherapy makes the body visible to the soul.” /Váradi Csilla/

I graduated at the University of Pécs, specialising in physiotherapy. After the university I worked at the Harkány Spa for three years where I met many patients with problems like rheumatological and orthopaedic pains and traumatological injury.

I can’t say that it was my childhood dream to become a physiotherapist, and even at university I was unsure several times whether I really wanted to do this. Since I’ve started working in my profession I became absolutely confident in my path. These are the phrases that drive me forward and confirm that I am in this field for a reason: “It hurts a lot less now!”; “I can finally sleep normally!”; “I can go running again!”; “I have not taken painkillers for the first time in a long time!”; “I can move normally again!”.

My goal is to keep expanding my knowledge and to make more of these sentences within the walls of Trehab!

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The main techniques I use:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Cupping therapy in sport and rehabilitation
  • Kinesiology-taping
  • Sportflossing
  • FDM


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