Brief info

It forms a strong basis for my attitude that I was a professional athlete for 12 years, for which teamwork and dedication were essential. The choice of my profession was also inspired by athletics.

I graduated from Semmelweis University, Faculty of Health Sciences with a degree in Physiotherapy. After obtaining my diploma I started to work at a home care company where I hold individual physiological, neurological, traumatological, rheumatological, orthopedic and rehabilitation physiotherapy sessions in the patients’ homes.

My past as an athlete has taught me a lot.  As a result of my injuries I have learnt perseverance, willpower, and empathy, which are essential towards patients from my profession’s point of view. Due to my injuries I conceived of the importance of prevention and its highlight, as well as the desire to have a broad knowledge of the subject of rehabilitation. My goal is to keep my knowledge fresh and to be able to expand it with continuous training, as well as to gain more practical experience with which I can provide more efficient and professional help for my patients while working together.