Brief info

My love for dance and sports led me to this career. Dance provided a great foundation for my profession by developing body awareness, improving attention and learning to consciously execute movements.

I consider it important to educate the patients undergoing treatments, to make them feel the right movements in order for the results achieved during the treatments to be long-term. In every case we work within a framework of individualised treatments by paying attention and treating the person from every aspect. My patients often visit me with their lower back pain, joint complaints and pain due to improper posture, which we can effectively reduce with active exercises and other passive complementary therapies. With early postoperative rehabilitation, our goal is not only to reduce pain and increase range of motion, but to restore the condition prior to injury as soon as possible. In addition, I am also available to patients who have no complaints, are attentive to their health, and wish to move in order to prevent the appearance of degenerative, painful lesions in the midst of everyday workouts.

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Specialised qualifications:

Semmelweis University Faculty of Health Sciences, Physiotherapy Master’s Degree
University of Debrecen Faculty of Public Health, Nursing and Patient Care- physiotherapist specialisation

Postgraduate Courses:
Maternity Training (prenatal training)

Medical Flossing course
SMR (Self – Myofascial Release) course

Core-stabilisation course
Modern Scoliosis Therapy according to Schroth
Dynamic Tape course

My specialities:

  • conservative treatment of lower back pain, spinal disc herniation, and postoperative rehabilitation
  • personalised treatment of scoliosis, posture disorders and negligent posture within the framework of individual gymnastics
  • postoperative treatment of cruciate ligament rupture
  • treatment of joint and muscle pain with gymnastics and manual techniques
  • sprains, injuries and postoperative rehabilitation