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„Everything that lives moves and changes. Movelessness, unchangingness is death. Movement is inherent in life. Look at the falcon: his life is flying, soaring, moving.”


I am convinced that movement is the primal healer both for our body and soul. A gift in which we can be fulfilled, with which we can give and receive emotions to build others and ourselves. There is a tireless instinct in us all which calls for movement and health. Movement as a therapy restores dynamic, the love of movement, posture and flexibility by paying attention, learning about the functioning of our body, restoring the “broken parts”. My patients contact me with various lower back and neck complaints, joint pains, limited movement possibility and a feeling of discomfort.

In addition they seek my help with various soft tissue complaints. My goal is to regain complete freedom of movement, to achieve and maintain pain relief, to correct and adjust posture and load in a way that prevents the development of further symptoms.   In addition to musculoskeletal complaints, I provide physiotherapy for Parkinson’s and MS patients, and for patients who have undergone stroke.

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My specialities:

  • Physiotherapy for neurological patients (Sclerosis Multiplex, Parkinson’s disease, acute spinal disc herniation, post-stroke rehabilitation)
  • complex treatment for lower back and neck pain using McKenzie method and fascia techniques
  • therapy of sports injuries (ankle, hip, knee, shoulder, hand) with manual techniques, applying KinezioTape
  • preventive movement therapy (complaints caused by sedentary lifestyle, posture correction, load adjustment)
  • respiratory physiotherapy (acquirement of full breathing, airway cleansing)

Specialised qualifications:

Semmelweis University Faculty of Health Sciences: Physiotherapist

Semmelweis University Faculty of General Medicine: Neurological Physiotherapist Training

Postgraduate Courses:

  • McKenzie „A” „B” „C”„D” courses.
  • Kinesio-tape basic and advanced course (Oriolus-Med Academy)
  • Fascia distortion model I. II. III. (Oriolus-Med Academy)
  • Trigger Point therapy training (PhysioVit Kft.)

Spoken languages:

English (intermediate)
German (basic)