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trehab staff

Beatrix Bayer

I am convinced that movement is the primal healer both for our body and soul. A gift in which we can be fulfilled, with which we can give and receive emotions to build others and ourselves.

Diána Dulavics
I consider it important to educate the patients undergoing treatments, to make them feel the right movements in order for the results achieved during the treatments to be long-term. In every case we work within a framework of individualised treatments by paying attention and treating the person from every aspect. My patients often visit me with their lower back pain,…
Tamás Baritz

Movement is a part of our lives, without it we could only live as a photosynthetic plant somewhere in the big world.

Réka Petroczki

It has been proven that a good relationship between therapist and patient improves the outcome of the treatment, so I try to create a friendly environment during my treatments.

Márti Nagy
Ajkler Eszter

It forms a strong basis for my attitude that I was a professional athlete for 12 years, for which teamwork and dedication were essential. The choice of my profession was also inspired by athletics.

Patrik Szatmári

In the course of my work I consider it important to have an accurate and detailed examination of the patient, with the help of it we can reveal the real cause of the pain. Instead of treating the symptom we find a long term solution to the patient’s problems by eliminating the cause.