General terms and conditions

trehab physiotherapy

These General Terms and Conditions, hereinafter “GTC” contains the terms and conditions applicable to the services – hereinafter the “Services” provided by TEAM Rekreáció Kft. – hereinafter the “Service Provider”

Relevant Website:

1. Service providers:

Name: TEAM Rekreáció Kft.

Seat: H-1024 Budapest, Margit krt. 11. félemelet 1.

Company Registration Number: 01-09-881227

Tax registration number: 13169505-2-41


Telephone: +36 20 232 9624

Bank account number: 12020005-01397735-00100006

2. Description of the Services:

The Service Provider provides other human medical services in person as well as other products required for the preservation and improvement of health.

The purpose of the Services is to provide assistance to the clients in preserving their health or in rehabilitation.

3. Subject matter of this agreement

The client hereby engages the Service Provider to make available the Services to him/her. This agreement applies to the materials (videos, other educational materials) made available as part of the Services and to the Services provided by the Service Provider in person.

The Service Provider may announce individual offers on its website form time to time. The agreements based on such offers are concluded as implied agreements by pressing the buttons completing the order (e.g., “Reserve”, “Apply”) with the terms and conditions and prices specified in the description of the Services.

4. Conclusion of Agreement

This agreement is entered into by and between the Service Provider and the Client, hereinafter jointly, the “Contracting Parties” as an implied agreement, by virtue of the Client completing the application/order form available on the website or a subpage of it and pressing the “Place Order” (“Apply” etc.) button.

By agreeing to this agreement, the Client declares that his/her legal capacity or his/her capacity to enter into an agreement is not diminished.

In his/her application the visitor must provide complete and accurate information. The visitor declares that the information provided by him/her is complete and accurate.

By accepting to this Agreement, the Client provides his/her express consent that Service Provide commence providing the services in accordance with the Agreement immediately upon the conclusion of the Agreement.

5. Confirmation of Application

The Service Provider immediately reviews any registrations received and confirms receipt. The Service Provider reserves the right to reject any registration received without cause. Accepted registrations will be confirmed via email.

6. Fees

The Service Provider applies the fees specified in the pricelist in effect from time to time for the services subject to charges. The Service Provider may announce special offers, to which the fees indicated in the description of the services shall apply. Fees other than those included in the pricelist shall be valid only if given in writing.

7. Payment of the service fees

In the case of an online booking, 50% of the service fee must be paid in advance. After the treatment, you can pay the remaining amount on the spot in cash, with a bank card, SZÉP card or EP card. The service fees shall be payable following the provision of the services at the location of the provision of the services in cash, by card or with a SZÉP Card, or via a Health Insurance Fund.

8. Invoicing

The Service Provider is required to issue an invoice following receipt of the fee and send it to the Client via email.

9. Unilateral Termination

The Client may initiate the termination of the Service agreement by sending an email to If the Client cancels an appointment within 1 working day prior to the time of the appointment, the Service Provider shall be entitled to invoice 100% of the service fee of the relevant Services to the Client.

10. Cancellation of Personal Services Subject to Advance Payment or a Membership Fee

Within 14 days following the payment of an advance fee, the Client shall be entitled to a full refund, provided that the Client has not received any services and has cancelled the appointment no less than 48 hours prior to the time of appointment in writing. No reimbursement shall be made in the following cases:

– more than 14 days following payment,

– if an appointment was made and was not cancelled no less than 48 hours (means 2 workin days) prior to the time of the appointment in writing,

– the Service has already been provided and invoiced,

11. Consumers’ Right to Terminate or Cancel the Agreement

Clients that qualify as a consumers may terminate the Service agreement with immediate effect without cause within 14 days following the conclusion of the agreement. However, the Service Provider will deduct the fees of any Service(s) already provided to the Client from the reimbursement of any advance or membership fee.

12. Ordinary Termination

Either Contracting Party may terminate this agreement following the 14th day following the conclusion of the agreement, subject to the provisions set forth in Section 9 and 10 of this agreement.

13. Termination with Cause

Either Contracting Party may terminate this agreement unilaterally with immediate effect by notifying the other Contracting Party in the event that the other Contracting Party has breached any of its material obligations arising out of this agreement repeatedly or materially.

14. Exclusion of Liability for Damages

The Service Provider hereby excludes its liability for damages arising out of the performance of this agreement to extent permitted by applicable law.

The Contracting Parties hereby declare that the website (including the webpages specified above), any parts thereof and the materials qualifying as copyrighted works published via these pages are the intellectual property of the Service Provider. Nothing in this agreement may be interpreted to grant a copyright license or pecuniary rights to the Client to these materials or any part of them. The Client undertakes to pay liquidated damages in the amount of HUF 100,000 in the event of an infringement of the Service Provider’s copyright by the Client.

16. Entire Agreement

This agreement contains the entire agreement of the Parties with respect to the subject matter contained herein and it supersedes any prior verbal or written agreement.

17. Term of Agreement

This agreement is entered into for an indefinite period.

18. Applicable Law and Final Provisions

The provisions of the Civil Code and other Hungarian law shall apply to any questions not provided for in this agreement.

The Parties hereby declare that the location of the provision of the services shall be Hungary.

19. Handling of Complaints

The Client may send any complaints regarding the Services to the following email address of the Service Provider:

20. Miscellaneous:

These General Terms and Conditions may be accessed at, and downloaded from, the website

Dated: Budapest, February 2, 2021