Therapeutic massage

Treatment is recommended for:

  • relieving chronic and acute pain
  • to restore pathological muscle tone in case of musculoskeletal diseases
  • joint mobilisation


  • vascular lesion,
  • tumorous diseases
  • inflammatory, feverish state
  • acute accident state
  • contagious diseases

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is a treatment within physiotherapy that is performed by a remedial masseur and is always provided based on medical indication. Its aim is rehabilitation, most of the time it focuses only on the unwell part of the body. It is a massage type performed for medical purposes in accordance with the doctor’s instructions and recommendations, and it is based on grips of swedish massage.

It includes swedish, segment, connective tissue and periosteal massages. After the massage the masseur uses the adequate displacements and mobilisation techniques.

These techniques regenerate joints, loosen adhesive muscles and also relieve pain by causing congestion. It can be used in combination with movement therapy/physiotherapy.

Therapeutic massage

Frequently Asked Questions

What shall I bring with me to the treatment?

For therapeutic massage, please bring a comfortable change of clothes.

Can the massage hurt?

There are areas that cannot be treated without pain, so there is a chance that we might have to use movements that cause discomfort.

Our therapeutic masseurs

The price of the treatment

Therapeutic massage: 15.500 HUF

6 suitable pass price/occasion: 13.950 HUF