Spine exercises

Who is it recommended for?

  • for office workers
  • for people with sedentary lifestyle
  • athletes who want to improve
  • to strengthen core muscles
  • for men, women and young people

When is it recommended?

  • in case of complaints of lower back/spinalf
  • for back pain
  • sloppy posture
  • as a preventive tool to preserve the integrity of the spine

Factors that exclude spinal training:

  • acute disc herniation status
  • severe scoliosis (over 40 Cobb degrees; structural)
  • pregnancy
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Spine exercises

The spine is the “mast” of the body. As well as providing stability, its mobility is essential to allow our body to move in any direction. Spinal exercises are designed to improve both of these equally important functions. It can prevent the harmful effects of office sedentary work, compensate for inactive lifestyle and reduce or eliminate spinal problems. The training increases body consciousness and improves body posture by specifically working the muscles responsible for correct posture.

It helps to maintain the integrity of the spine, treat spinal pain and has an important preventive role.

Regularly strengthened back and abdominal muscles act as a natural corset around the spine, protecting the vertebrae from external forces, reducing the chance of fractures, herniated discs, etc. The entire spine works during the class, the upper and lower back and abdominal muscles get stronger, improving the body posture and eliminating pain.

The first occasion of the physiotherapy includes a 15-20 minutes condition assessment and composition of the treatment plan after which the treatment is started right away. If you are visiting us for the first time, please choose the option ’Physiotherapy with assessment’ upon reservation.

Spine exercises

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the first meeting?

At the first appointment, we will perform a fitness assessment including postural analysis, spinal range of motion, functional and muscle strength tests. Then we set goals and make a plan for our work together.

How the treatment is built?

In the training session, after a proper warm-up and breathing, we do selective and complex strengthening of the muscles involved in the movement of the spine, functional exercises, core strengthening, proprioceptive exercises, stretching and than relaxation.

What tools do we use?

During the training we work with a varied toolbox like bands, fitball, unstable surfaces, suspension devices.

What results can we expect?

The complex joint training will help you to keep your spine in shape. We can eliminate back problems and prevent the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle. It develop the correct posture and breathing techniques for everyday life. We can be constantly challenged, as the difficulty of the tasks is always adapted to our current condition. Improve body awareness. And as an athlete, you can expect an improvement in performance.

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The price of the treatment

Spine exercises: 15.500 HUF

6 suitable pass price/occasion: 13 950 HUF