Physiotherapy is a conservative form of treatment that aims to prevent and treat neurological and internal medical diseases in addition to musculoskeletal diseases. After a thorough condition assessment we remedy the problems with an individual and personalised treatment plan.

The first occasion of the physiotherapy includes a 15-20 minutes condition assessment and composition of the treatment plan after which the treatment is started right away. If you are visiting us for the first time, please choose the option ’Physiotherapy with assessment’ upon reservation.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I perform the exercises?

Based on our experience the program starts with at least 4 occasions per week which sets off the change, then 2-3 occasions per week are necessary to maintain the condition.

When do I need physiotherapy?

We can visit a physiotherapist in numerous cases, joint and muscle complaints, lower back pain, injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, postural disorder and any kind of pain caused by these. Treatment is often supplemented with other therapeutic methods, but in all cases active exercising is necessary to maintain the achieved results.

Our physiotherapist colleagues

The price of the treatment

    Physiotherapy: 14 000 HUF

    6 suitable pass price/occasion: 12 600 HUF

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