Instrumental manual therapy

Instrumental manual therapy restores movement between different tissue layers and also affects blood and lymphatic circulation, and is able to loosen the trigger points of reflex movement.

Manual therapy is the healing of the body by the hands of the therapist. In addition, the use of complementary tools enables instrumental manual therapy.

The efficient treatment may be applied on larger areas like the back and thighs and on smaller areas such as the forearms. The therapy helps to relax tissues. Using the tools deeper layers can be reached thereby we can cease the pain.

Your physiotherapist decides on the necessity of instrumental manual therapy during the initial assessment, so please choose ’physiotherapy with assessment’ upon reservation.

Instrumental manual therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments are necessary?

Treatment should cause perceptible improvement after 1-2 occasions.

Is it normal that my body is crackling during treatment?

We may hear crackling during treatment which is natural, but not a condition for the effectiveness of the treatment.

What is the difference between osteopathy and manual therapy?

Only physiotherapists or those with a medical diploma can be manual therapists, but anyone can call themselves osteopaths.
As opposed to the manual therapist, the osteopath attacks the areas in pain with manipulative grips, without detailed anamnesis or assessing prior medical records and having a treatment plan. Manual therapy treatment always starts with taking a detailed anamnesis which is followed by inspection, palpation, active-passive movement examination and segmental examination, all of which helps in setting up a treatment plan. It is followed by treating blocked segments, loosening and stretching soft tissues and teaching stabilizing exercises.

Our instrumental manual therapists

The price of the treatment

    Instrumental manual therapy: 15 500 HUF

    6 suitable pass price/occasion: 13 950 HUF

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