Functional Movement Screen

FMS is a simple and fast screening method that provides plenty of information for professionals to set up the proper movement plan.

With the help of FMS screening and subsequent correction, we can reduce the risk of injuries suffered during sports and other physical activities and the development of  locomotor pain.

By exploring and correcting limitations we can improve sports performance and make our clients more efficient in everyday life.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Frequently Asked Questions

What exercises need to be performed?

The screening includes seven simple, everyday movement patterns. Squatting, stepping over an obstacle, lunging, shoulder mobility, lifting an extended leg, push up, rotational test.

Can I prepare for the screening?

No. Practicing the movements may give a false result.

Is it recommended for athletes only?

No! It is recommended for anyone wishing to start or restart doing sports or any kind of movement. Occurrence of undesirable injuries can be reduced by exploring and correcting movement pattern dysfunctions.

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The price of the treatment

    FMS: 15 500 HUF

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