Cupping therapy

Treatment is recommended for:

  • scar tissue
  • decreased joint mobility
  • adhesions
  • muscle-related pain


  • injured, inflamed, burnt skin
  • birthmark
  • steroid used prior
  • scar within 12 weeks before stitches removed
  • metastatic tumor patient
  • parchment skin of elderly patient

Cupping therapy

Cupping, or cupping therapy has a positive effect on the vascular and lymphatic circulation and mobilizes the muscles as well, therefore it can be used effectively as local treatment. The cup adheres to the upper layer of the skin with the help of vacuum, we use cream or oil for the treatments of various complaints.

Cupping therapy is an additional treatment for physiotherapy or therapeutic massage. Therapists decide about its necessity during the initial assessment, so please select ’physiotherapy with assessment’ or therapeutic massage’ upon reservation.

Cupping therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

On what skin surfaces can cupping be performed?

Skin conditions are taken into account during treatment. In case of birthmarks, varicose veins, fresh scars, acute injuries, burnt skin or elderly parchment skin, our specialists will consider it before treatment.

How long does the treatment last? How many times does cupping have to be performed?

Treatment should result in perceptible improvement after 1-2 occasions.

Is cupping painful?

Cupping enables the treatment of cohesive tissue layers, where 95% of pain receptors are located. Therapy may cause discomfort or pain depending on individual circumstances and often involves bruising at the treated area. Our specialists inform the patients before treatment.

Our cupping therapist colleagues

The price of the treatment

Physiotherapy includes flossing and cupping therapy if necessary: 15.500 HUF

6 suitable pass price/occasion: 13.950 HUF