Control + InBody 30 minutes

It is recommended for:

  • Athletes to understand their body composition and monitor changes,
  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain

Exclusion factors:

  • Pregnancy
  • Pacemaker
  • Metal implant
  • Epilepsy

Control consultation with InBody measurement in 30 minutes

The principle of the InBody device is that the body tissues with different water content conduct the electro-atomic differently, which the machine measures and determines the fat, protein, water and mineral content of the body and their distribution. The measurement determines your body fat and muscle mass and their distribution by body type, your hydration and skeletal status, and your basal metabolic rate. With multiple measurements, we can track changes and adjust your diet according to the results. After the InBody measurement, we will evaluate the results together and discuss what needs to change.

Control consultation with InBody measurement in 30 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat or drink before an InBody measurement?

Please don’t eat large meals 2 hours before the  measurement and drink no more than a half liter of water. Avoid showering as this may affect the results of the measurement.

I don't have a recent lab result, can I come for a consultation without one?

Yes, but it is recommended that you have one done beforehand.

What should I take with me?

You need to bring your completed 3-day food diary, your specialist's reports and your lab results with you if you have not sent them in advance.

Our dietitian colleagues

The price of the treatment

Control consultation with InBody measurement in 30 minutes: 16.000 HUF