Brief info

In the course of my work I consider it important to have an accurate and detailed examination of the patient, with the help of it we can reveal the real cause of the pain. Instead of treating the symptom we find a long term solution to the patient’s problems by eliminating the cause.

I graduated as a physiotherapist from the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Pécs. Since graduating from university I have been continuously training myself in order to be able to provide complex treatment for the patients with the help of the acquired therapeutic methods.

Since sport and exercise play a central role in my life too, I consider it important to pass on the methods needed to prevent various problems. I believe that it is not only in case of pain when you can turn to a physiotherapist, because by developing an optimal exercise program we can prevent them.

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Specialised qualifications:

University of Pécs, Faculty of General Health Science: Physiotherapist

Postgraduate Courses: 

  • Manual Therapy Course (Semmelweis University Faculty of General Medicine)
  • Fascia distortion model I. II. III. (Oriolus-Med Academy)
  • Cupping therapy (Oriolus-Med Academy)
  • Device-assisted Fascia Treatment (Oriolus-Med Academy)
  • Kinesio-tape Course (Oriolus-Med Academy)
  • Medical Flossing (PhysioVit Kft.)
  • Functional Movement Screen (R-Med Academy)



On 21 March, you are welcome to our open house where our physiotherapists will assess your condition in a 30-minute appointment, make further therapy recommendations if necessary, and we will send you all this information by email.

On the same day you can buy a season ticket with a 15% discount and book a single physiotherapy / therapeutic massage appointment with a 20% discount.

The event is free but registration is required.