Physiotherapy is a conservative form of treatment that aims to prevent and treat neurological and internal medicine diseases in addition to musculoskeletal diseases.

Kata Hegyi

“Physiotherapy makes the body visible to the soul.” /Váradi Csilla/

András Bulhardt

“If we attack a problem from as many sides as possible, we can overcome it faster and quicker”.

Patrik Szatmári

In the course of my work I consider it important to have an accurate and detailed examination of the patient, with the help of it we can reveal the real cause of the pain. Instead of treating the symptom we find a long term solution to the patient’s problems by eliminating the cause.

Márti Nagy
Eszter Ajkler

It forms a strong basis for my attitude that I was a professional athlete for 12 years, for which teamwork and dedication were essential. The choice of my profession was also inspired by athletics.